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Steven is an experienced CTO with a strong background in web application development, process automation, and custom scripting using Python. He has a deep understanding of Erlang's extreme scaling capabilities and has leveraged this knowledge to build highly concurrent real-time capabilities. Additionally, Steven is proficient in DevOps and has the ability to configure and manage various technologies and Linux distributions.

Currently, Steven serves as the CTO and Founder of, a highly concurrent Behaviour testing tool written in Erlang. He has also integrated a highly scalable defi smartcontract platform for a decentralized testing infrastructure. Prior to founding, Steven worked as the CTO at (formerly Pointzi, Streethawk) where he implemented data structures and prototyped ML algorithms to improve product functionality at scale. He also developed real-time capabilities using websockets and event-driven architecture. Moreover, Steven improved product quality through the adoption of Behavior Driven Development practices and successfully scaled the technology for future scalability.

Before, Steven worked as a Python Web Developer at IRESS Market Technologies Ltd. where he worked on features and maintenance of a complex large-scale Python web application and created an extensible data conversion and migration tool. He gained recognition for securing the runner-up position in the Iress Xplan Hackathon 2012. In addition, Steven has experience as a Technical Director at Pioneer FutureTech Healthcare IT Pvt Ltd., where he planned and directed the development of a cloud-based system for managing medical records. He also worked as a Senior Software Engineer at TickerPlant Ltd., where he designed and developed a real-time collaboration suite using Java SE.

Steven holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from Coventry University, where he completed a project on "Evolution of Trading Rules Using Genetic Programming." He also has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the NMAM Institute of Technology, VTU.

Outside of work, Steven enjoys an active lifestyle, practicing yoga and engaging in high-energy sports like running, basketball, and football. He is also passionate about science fiction and is actively involved in open source projects. Steven has a fascination for evolutionary computing and continuously challenges himself through playing FPS games.