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Namaskaram, welcome to Steven's corner of the inter webs.

Steven is a fundamental technologist who is a ritual Emacs user and lives in a dark terminal.

Apart from practicing programming Steven enjoys practicing Yoga and lifting weights.



Projects Steven is working on currently.

DamageBDD High Level Application Load Testing

DamageBDD is a platform that unlocks the cross functional collaborative power of BDD (behavior driven development) within your organization.

DamageBDD allows humans to define software behaviour in the human-readable Gherkin syntax. Unlike other testing systems that require a deep understanding of testing tools, DamageBDD enables any one to define expected software behavior in plain language. This makes it easy for teams with varying levels of technical and communication skills to collaborate effectively towards building high quality software products.


This is an advanced configuration for

Tactical Advanced Qtile Config. This is a multi head qtile config designed for switching focus between predefined screens, windows and workspaces with special keybinds. TAQtile is built on top of the highly programmable Qtile window manager written in python.

TAQtile is the ultimate solution for advanced users looking to customize and optimize their multi-head setup. Tactical Advanced Qtile allows users to easily switch focus between predefined screens, windows and workspaces with special keybinds, improving productivity and streamlining their workflow.

Users can easily customize and extend their setup, creating a personalized and efficient workspace. Whether you're a power user working with multiple monitors, or simply looking to optimize your single screen setup, TAQtile has you covered. Try it out and see the difference for yourself.